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AI as a major Minor - AIM@LMU

Artificial Intelligence Minor - Nebenfach Künstliche Intelligenz (Bachelor)

The 30 ECTS-point and 60 ECTS-point minor "Künstliche Intelligenz / Artificial Intelligence" will start in the winter semester of 2023/2024. Please contact your academic coordinator to find out how to enroll.

Links to the degree programs on the central LMU Website (Degree Program finder):

Please get in touch with Dr. Iris Trautmann or Jane Matveyeva and sign up to our Moodle page for updates and information regarding the AI minor.

The Prüfungsamt Statistics, together with the Examination Office for Natural Sciences (PANI), is responsible for decisions regarding examinations in AI minor. For inquiries, please get in touch with the Statistic contact point.

You can find more information about course registration and formalities on the statistics and informatics advisory pages.

Please take the opportunity to complete the Online Self Assessment to learn more about the contents and skills necessary for the minor. 

Studies and examination regulations (PuStO) of the 30 ECTS and 60 ECTS minors:

topScheduled Courses

For information about studying informatics/ computer sciences, prerequisites, conditions, and degree programs, visit the Institute for Informatics website

Please note, registration for courses in the Department of Informatics takes place via Moodle or uni2work, not the LSF. These courses will not appear in your plan of study in the LSF.

Registration for courses from the Department of Statistics takes place via LSF and Moodle.

SuSe 2024 (tentative, please also refer to our Moodle page)

60 ECTS minor

  •  Statistik II für Studierende der Soziologie und Nebenfachstudierende (Module P3)(Haensch/Kreuter) 
    • Lecture Mon. and Thurs. 12-14h c.t.
    • Übung Gruppe 1 Tue. 16-18h c.t.;  Gruppe 2 Wed. 14-16h c.t.
  • Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (Modul P4) (Strickroth/Azaiz) Mon.16-18h c.t.
  • Mathematik II für Nebenfachstudierende (counts toward Modul WP 1) (Jansen/Schollmeyer) 
Students with the major Soziologie are required to take Statistik II in their major. These students must take one additional course offered in Modules WP 1 or WP 2 to replace Module P3 (Statistik II) in this minor.
  • From data to insights (can count towards Module WP 9) (Grün/Friedrich) 

30 ECTS minor

  • Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (Modul P2) (Strickroth/Azaiz) Mon.16-18h c.t.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning /Einführung in das maschinelle Lernen (Modul WP 1)(Bothmann)
  • From data to insights (can count towards Module WP 6) (Grün/Friedrich) 

Overview of the 60 ECTS Minor


Overview of the 30-ECTS Minor


Previous Semesters

WiSe 2023/2024

SoSe 2023

      • Introduction to inductive statistics for minor students (6 ECTS)
      • Introduction to artificial intelligence (for the natural sciences) (6 ECTS)
      • Introduction to machine learning (for the natural sciences) (6 ECTS)
      • Artificial intelligence in science and society (6 ECTS)

WiSe 2022/2023

      • Mathematics (Linear algebra and analysis, 6ECTS) - Link to the lecture in the LSF. Link to the exercise in the LSF.
      • Introduction to programming (6 ECTS) - Link to the lecture in the LSF. Link to the exercise in the LSF.
      • Introduction to machine learning (for the natural sciences) (6 ECTS) Link to the LSF. Link to the Website.

SoSe 2022