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Grundlagen des Maschinellen Lernens (SS 2024)

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Machine learning has become increasingly important in the recent past, not only as a main pillar of modern AI, but also as a method provider and an innovation driver in many application areas. This bachelor'slecture gives an introduction to the fundamental ideas and concepts of machine learning as a scientific discipline at the intersection of informatics, statistics and applied mathematics. The focus will be on the supervised learning class of problems. The exposition will cover a spectrum from the theoretical foundations of generalisation to important methodological and algorithmic concepts.


  • Mathematical fundamentals (linear algebra, calculus)
  • Algorith fundamentals (algorithms and data structures)
  • Probability and statistics fundamentals
  • Programming


General Information


Eyke Hüllermeier



Time and place:

Lecture Tuesday 14-16
Exercises 1 Thursday 10-12
Exercises 2 Friday 10-12


2 SWH Lecture +2 SWH Exercises

Target audience:

Bachelor of:

  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics


Clemens Damke


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