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Can I trust my Explainable AI algorithm? Evaluating and Benchmarking xAI algorithms. (Ba/Ma)

Topic for a bachelor/master's thesis

Short Description:

xAI algorithms are a set of approaches toward understanding black-box models. However, in recent years, xAI algorithms became themselves questionable as many failed to explain basic transparent models. Moreover, given the huge number of known evaluation metrics for xAI (Fidelity, Fragility, Stability, etc.), it became difficult for data scientists to accurately evaluate each xAI and to remain up to date on its evolution. This issue yields a clearly visible symptom known as the illusion of explanatory depth in interpreting xAI results [1], and it is now a known fact that data scientists are prone to misuse interpretability tools [2].

The goal of the thesis is to define an evaluation method for a specific type of xAI of your choice (Feature importance, Feature interaction, counterfactual, etc.) and learn common limitations and misuse of existing algorithms. A solution to mitigate common issues could be elaborated in the second part of the thesis.


Good background in supervised learning, Explainable AI, Python, Front-end programming skills like JavaScript is a plus.


Karim Belaid


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